1. What are presets?

Presets are "filters" that you can apply on your pictures with just one click. They contain the settings I created and used over the years for all of my pictures, and will help you give the same consistent look & feel as you can find on my Instagram

2. Which program do I need to use your presets?

To use the presets, you need to have Adobe Lightroom for Desktop (subscription) or the Adobe Lightroom Mobile app (free) for Mobile presets. Lightroom is a powerful tool used by a lot of professionals! The presets are not compatible with Adobe Photoshop or other programs.

Please note: It is necessary to download the presets via a computer to unzip the files! The zip file will include a preset for mobile, for desktop and a guide on how to use the preset.

3. Who are these presets for?

For anyone who loves taking pictures and wants a more consistent Instagram feed with a similar look & feel as my feed. So many of you have messaged me asking how I edit my pictures. To make it easy for you I have created Lightroom presets, which you can apply to your own pictures! 

4. Are these the presets you use to edit your pictures?

Yes, all of my Instagram pics are edited with one of my own presets. I always tweak the preset according to the picture, but very preset makes a good basis plus it makes it super easy to edit my pictures.

5. What should I do if my skin tone appears a little too orange?

Scroll down in the right sidebar to colour correction. Start adjusting the Saturation and Luminance of the orange colours to change your skin tone.

6. How do I install my presets?

I've created a How To Use page where you can read all about it.

7. How do I use these presets in the best way?

Experiment with them and try to find your favourite preset. When you have applied the preset you can adjust it, focussing on temperature, exposure and saturation.

It's also fun to play with the Colour Correction sliders a little bit.

8. How many presets do I get?

Every preset is sold separately, when you buy one of my presets you'll get 1 mobile preset and 1 desktop preset.

9. Is it okay if I shoot in JPEG?

Yes, all presets are compatible for JPEGs. This being said, I do advice to shoot in RAW if possible as you have much more information to work with when editing. The overall look you can obtain remains very similar.

10. Which camera do you use?

I use a Canon 750D with a 10-24mm and a 18-35mm lens and sometimes I use the iPhone X. I've tried a lot of different cameras and think that it's more important how you edit than what you shoot with, especially when shooting for digital use.

11. Are your presets refundable?

Unfortunately not! This is because digital products cannot be returned.